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Joel Levin, the founder of Levin & Associates Co., L.P.A., is a former law professor with over thirty-five years in the practice of law. He has written and taught extensively in a number of legal fields, both in the United States and abroad, and has handled and tried a wide array of civil matters in state and federal courts, both in Ohio and throughout the country. His cases range from commercial and securities disputes to professional negligence involving bankers, brokers, financial consultants, doctors, accountants, and architects. His experience includes over one hundred jury trials and at least two hundred appellate matters.
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Aparesh Paul, a litigator with Levin & Associates, had previously worked in a large commercial firm handling corporate, contractual, business and partnership matters. At Levin & Associates, his practice is mainly devoted to representing individuals and small companies in disputes with larger entities, and generally works on a wide variety of complex civil and appellate matters. (Detailed Attorney Profile)

Greg Gipson, a litigator with Levin & Associates, previously worked as in-house counsel to a 2000-employee medical services company handling contractual and employment matters. At Levin & Associates, his practice is mainly devoted to complex commercial litigation and non-medical professional malpractice, including litigation involving trustees, accountants, financial professionals, and attorneys. (Detailed Attorney Profile)