Joel Levin, Esq.

joelprofJoel Levin, the founder of Levin & Associates Co., L.P.A., is a former law professor with over thirty-five years in the practice of law. He has written and taught extensively in a number of legal fields, both in the United States and abroad, and has handled and tried a wide array of civil matters in state and federal courts, both in Ohio and throughout the country. His cases range from commercial and securities disputes to professional negligence involving bankers, brokers, financial consultants, doctors, accountants, and architects. His experience includes over one hundred jury trials and at least two hundred appellate matters.


University of Chicago, Chicago, IL – A.B. (1972)
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL – A.M. (1973)
Boston University, Boston, MA – J.D. (1976)
University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K. – D.Phil. (Ph.D.) (1981)


Professional Employment

2000 to present
Principal, Levin & Associates Co., L.P.A.
Cleveland, Ohio

1998 to 1999
Principal, Levin, Marmaros & Charms Co., L.P.A.
Cleveland, Ohio

1983 to 1998
Principal, Nurenberg, Plevin, Heller & McCarthy Co., L.P.A.
Cleveland, Ohio

Educational Employment

1982 to present
Adjunct Professor of Law and Philosophy
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio

1997 to 1998
Adjunct Professor of Law
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
Cleveland, Ohio

Other Employment

2000 to present
Chairman and Founder, Think-A-Move, Ltd.
Cleveland, Ohio

2009 to present
Chairman and Founder, Milicom, LLC
Beachwood, Ohio

2000 to present
Director and Treasurer
Russia-United States Legal Education Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio


Legal Practice

Counsel in over 150 appellate cases, including approximately 10 Ohio Supreme Court cases and 25 United States Court of Appeals cases.

Tried more than two hundred cases, in front of juries, before the court, and in arbitration, including commercial, securities and U.C.C. cases, anti-trust, product liability, medical malpractice, intellectual property, partnership, automobile, civil rights cases, and contract disputes. Cases have been venued in both state and federal courts and located in Ohio, Colorado, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Texas.


Taught Contracts, Professional Responsibility, Comparative Law, and Jurisprudence to students and in faculty seminars in both Law Schools and Philosophy Departments.

Other Activities

Special Counsel to Ohio Attorney General, Anti-Trust Division (1994-1997).

Member of Ohio State Bar Ethics Committee.

Lecturer at local, state, national and international conferences and seminars on various topics including, inter alia, contract theory, war crime trials, legal ethics, insurance law, bad faith, real estate transactions, law and literature, legal reasoning, legal theory, trial practice, the role of judges, and the legal profession.

Member, Harvard Law School Consortium for the Study of Plaintiffs’ Lawyering.

USIA Professor of Law, University of Volgograd (1996).

USIA Professor of Law, University of Novgorad (2000).

Life Member, Eighth Judicial Conference.


Federal: U.S. Supreme Court (1985); U.S. Court of Appeals, 6th Cir. (1983), 11th Cir. (1984); 10th Cir. (1995); 5th Cir. (2000); U.S. District Court, N. D. of Ohio (1983), N. D. of Texas (2000).

State: Massachusetts (1977); Ohio (1983); Pennsylvania (1988)


Cleveland and American Bar Associations; Cleveland and Ohio Academies of Trial Lawyers; American Philosophical Association; American International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy; The Bentham Society.



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CLE Booklets

How to Make Sense Out of UMI Law (CWRU/CLE, 1988)

Litigating Bad Faith Insurance Claims in Ohio (CWRU/CLE, 1988)

The Liability Insurer’s Duties to Defend and Settle (CWRU/CLE, 1990)

Scholastic Writings

“Justice Holmes and Legal Education” (Boston Univ. Law School Comm. Address, 1976)

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