Firm Profile


Levin & Associates Co., L.P.A. is a small firm handling a variety of complex litigation in both the State and Federal Courts. For example, we typically represent investors and small businesses against fiduciaries or larger companies on issues of breaches of contract, breaches of fiduciary duty, tortious and business interference, conversion of property, and a variety of matters involving negligent or intentional misconduct, as well as claims of unfair business practices. These cases often involve a great deal of extremely complex legal briefing and often last a number of years in the trial and appellate courts.

Levin & Associates Co., L.P.A. has handled many such cases, ranging from anti-trust to securities violations, from contract breach to tortious interference, from theft of intellectual property to breach of fiduciary duty, from accounting irregularities to due-diligence failures by financial advisors. In those matters that require additional staffing, the firm will bring in co-counsel from other firms when necessary to partner in sharing the responsibilities.

Also, many of our cases involve professional malpractice. Such claims are brought against a number of professionals – lawyers, accountants, investment bankers, brokers, real estate agents, architects, auditors, trustees, portfolio managers and others – for their failures to perform according to the standards of their individual professions. Such suits involve retaining nationally recognized experts in the field, having those experts explain the standard of care and duties of individual professionals, and then measuring the actual performance of those involved against that standard.

In general, our firm is highly selective in its choice of cases, but we are willing to undertake representation of a wide variety of matters that call for vigorous advocacy.